Sunday, April 22, 2018

Upcoming Week!

Soccer fam,

I'm excited to get back to work after an interesting week last week what with the weather, cancellations, etc.  Let's keep working!

Here's the tentative schedule for the upcoming week:

**Monday: game @ Z. meal/meeting in my room at 3:30...Tanna = meal...bus leaves at 4:15...wear black. Have ideas for "team puzzle" and "Dirty Shirt" award votes from this past week for in my classroom.
**Tuesday: 3:15-5:15 training...wear gray.  DISTRICT DRAW TODAY (who we'll play first round of Districts is revealed)
**Wednesday: home game vs. Z. in my room at 3...Sydnie P. = meal...Jen/Abby= ball girls...wear black.
**Thursday: home game vs. in my room at 3... Sydney R. = meal...Grace/Corbyn = ball girls...wear gray.
**Friday: 3-5 training...wear black.  GRADE CHECK (I'll check on current grades for each of your classes).

Notes: The cancelled HC game from this past week is rescheduled for Friday, May 11 @ HC.

Let's go, Hamilton Soccer!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

2-1 Loss vs. Allegan

Ladies, we're in a bit of a lull within this past week or so, and it's up to ALL of us to get out of it. Zeeland West and a three-game week on the horizon. We can do this! Hamilton tough.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Upcoming Week!

(Winter??!!) Greetings, everyone! Hope everyone is surviving and thriving this weekend somehow?!
Checking in with the tentative schedule for another exciting week of being together as a soccer fam:

**Monday: game @ Holland Christian (varsity game time = 7:15 PM)...DRESS UP in in my room at 4 PM...bus leaves at 4:45 PM...Allie = team meal in my room...wear black.
**Tuesday: 3:15-5:15 PM training...wear gray...Varsity Baseball game immediately to follow????
**Wednesday: 3-5 PM training...wear black. Parent/Teacher Conferences immediately to follow for staff.
**Thursday: 3:15-5:15 PM training...wear gray.  Hope Men's Soccer vs. Cornerstone at 7 PM if anyone's interested??
**Friday: home game vs. in my classroom at 3 PM...Olivia = team meal...Laura/Rylin = ball girls...wear black. Good luck, Collage Concert girls! Anyone attending as support perhaps?!

I'm really liking the foundation of this season thus far, girls--for a variety of reasons on and off the field. We've got plenty of work to do, but I think this team can be very good...perhaps great. Think "team goals". Think "effort". Think "one word focus". Keep workin'. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

2-1 Loss @ T.K.

Tonight kind of brought us back down to earth a bit, Hawkeyes: a solid team on its home turf put in a good effort for the deserving win. Flush it. Learn from it. Beat HC Monday!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

1-0 Win vs. Byron Center

A win is a win is a they say.

Pretty sloppy game overall, and we WILL get better!

Job well done on battling tough for a win in the end, Hawkeyes!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

1-0 Win vs. Holland

Overall job well done last night, ladies. Things are only going to get more difficult this week though as two tough opponents are next on our slate! Keep fightin' and doing the right things on and off the field!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

And We're Back!

Time to get this thing revved up again, Lady Hawkeyes!

First, check out the newly updated "successful season/team goals" ideas you all came up with recently by scrolling down and looking to the left. Let's keep these as priorities each and every day! You also have one word that you have pledged to live up to each and every day, on and off the field. Important, meaningful stuff!

Here goes with this coming week's tentative schedule:

**Monday: 3-5:15 training on the turf field...wear black...required Team Dinner @ Robinson's after! Yes, we need to start at 3 PM in order to have a quick chat, warm up, and re-test for the 1-mile on the track...and then get a bunch of important work in. Wear flats to begin with obviously. We trust that you've stayed in shape and have improved since the first day of tryouts!
**Tuesday: home game vs. Holland (turf field...6:45 PM Varsity start)...what to wear in school = in my room by 3:45 PM for team meal/meeting...Team Kragt (I believe?) = meal...Sierra/Alexis = first half JV ball girls...wear gray.
**Wednesday: 3:15-5:15 training on the game grass field...wear black.
**Thursday: home game vs. Byron Center (grass)...what to wear in school = TBD...Shelby/Maddie = ball girls...Syd E. = in my room by 3 PM...wear gray.
**Friday: game @ T.K....what to wear in school = TBD...bus leaves at 3:30 meal (Morgan) on the bus...wear black...GIRLS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO RIDE THE BUS HOME!

Big week for a variety of reasons, girls! Let's (continue to) do this! :)

Monday, March 26, 2018

2-0 Win @ Jenison

That's a solid start to the regular season, ladies. Job well done. And we have much more work to do!

As mentioned in the post-game huddle, it's the EFFORT plays that will make the difference for us this season--just like in this game.

We've got a long way to go but liking the progress thus far!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Pre-Spring Break Week!

Here goes with our pre-Spring Break week tentative schedule:

**Monday: game @ Jenison (varsity = 5:45 start)..."dress up" in school (and try to combine with all-school "Flannel Day" like I'm planning?!)...bus leaves at 2:45 meal ON THE BUS. Black team shirt, warm-ups, black uniforms, etc.

Map to Jenison soccer complex:

Tuesday: 3:15 - 5:15 PM practice (TEAM PICS some time around beginning of practice in our black uniforms?? or white??)...wear gray.
Wednesday: 3:15 - 5:15 PM practice...wear black.
Thursday: 3:15 - 5 :15 PM practice...wear gray.


Note: Congrats to our first "Dirty Shirt Award" winners from this past week as elected by their teammates due to EFFORT-related examples -- Harley Dykema, Sydney Eustice, and Leah Johnston.

Also, feel free to check out the  "recaps" link (as well as other links down there) below and to the left with game-by-game highlights as we've now started the season.

Let's go Hawks! :)

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Weekly Schedule #1!

Welcome aboard, all! Great to have ya. :)

See below for the tentative schedule for the upcoming, hugely important week:

**Monday: 3:15-5:15 practice on turf field (wear gray training shirt)
**Tuesday: 3:15-5:15 practice on turf field (wear black). OPTIONAL PARENT MEETING in my HS classroom (rm. 111) at 6 PM. If you cannot make it, it's ok as we'll go over some of the stuff in this email!
**Wednesday: 3 PM senior-led practice on turf field (wear gray) with team poster photos to follow at 5 PM. More details soon!
**Thursday: 2:45 PM Team Pics.  3-5 PM Varsity volunteer/service project outing immediately thereafter (wear black) More details to come!
**Friday: preseason scrimmage vs. Hopkins (varsity only) on our turf field. Game time approx. 3:45?? Will shoot be done around 5:15! Girls will meet on turf field fully dressed by 3 PM (wear gray).
**Saturday: preseason outdoor tournament @ GVSU. 9 AM - 10:15 AM vs. Black River. 3:40 PM - 4:55 PM vs. East Lansing. Will forward you all again the details of that day! Stay tuned. (wear black)
**Next Monday: first official game of the season @ Jenison! More details later...
Note: Feel free to check out the links below and to the left regarding game-by-game recaps, varsity roster, etc.! 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Spring Schedule Update

Like last season, both JV and Varsity will be playing in an all-day outdoor pre-season soccer tournament at GVSU on Saturday, March 24 (just before our first official game on that following Monday @ Jenison). This is a required and super valuable event for all girls. Will get you further details when they are provided to me by the host site!

Monday, November 20, 2017

2018 Soccer Schedule Posted!

Girls soccer fam!

Feel free to check out the "schedule" link below and to the left for this upcoming spring, BUT stay tuned for any alterations as they may still come.

9 away games and 9 home games (JV to match)...including two games on our new home field turf!

Go Hawkeyes!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

1-0 District Championship Loss to Holland Christian

Can't express how proud of you we coaches are for a great season and a hard fought final contest, ladies.

Keep those heads up!  Job well done this season!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

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